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What We Treat

Below is a list of SOME of the types of situations we have proven success in addressing:

ADD Depression
ADHD Anxiety
Conduct Disorders Mood Disorders
Eating Disorders Multiple Addictions
Codependency Complex Trauma
Victim of Emotional Abuse Victim of Physical Abuse
Victim of Sexual Abuse Perpetrator of Abuse
Self-Harm / Self-Mutilation Deepening Attachments b/n ParentsĀ & Children
Developing and Exploring Positive Identity Victims of Clergy
Gender, Orientation, Identity Exploration Healing from Affairs
Relationship Addictions Love Addictions
Sex Addictions Sexual Anorexia
Sexual Dysfunctions Pornography Addictions
Work Addictions Financial Disorders
Autism Spectrum Disorder Developmental Disorders
Neurological Disorders Forensic / Criminal Assessment and Rehabilitation
Healthy Sexuality Bullying / Being Bullied
Workplace Enhancement Team Building
Clinical Consulting / Training Strategic Visioning