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Child Therapy

Integrating and properly assessing appropriate brain development, emotional development and thought patterns are central in effective psychotherapy with children and adolescents. Adolescents, and especially children, are typically not able to accurately express themselves through words―however, through various forms of therapeutic play and creative expression the child is able to reveal the complexity of their situation with precision and accuracy.

Unlike therapists at other agencies, we will not form a coalition with the parents that will pathologize or label the child or adolescent as a problem. We firmly believe that children and adolescents, when they enter our offices, will exhibit the qualities of attachments that they have with their parents, caregivers, and responses to emotionally challenging situations.
Historically, parents and their children have responded well to this approach because it models transparency, appropriate assigning of accountability factoring in healthy family dynamics, neurological and developmental considerations and the vision of covertly addressing multiple family members underlying concerns.
Some examples of our success stories have addressed children and adolescents experiencing grief or loss, healing from the effects of divorce, selective mutism, self-harm, addictions, criminal behaviour, bullying, anxiety, adjustment / transition challenges, recovering from traumatic events, rape, sex abuse, kidnapping and many other experiences.