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Angela Stathakos, Attachment & Autism Specialist

Angela Stathakos
Attachment Specialist, Autism, Developmental Disorders Specialist

Angela Stathakos has a long history serving individuals and families encountering autism, Aspergers, fetal alcohol syndrome, fragile x, and many other developmental, neurological and concurrent disorders. 

Angela, who has trained through the Gordon Neufeld Institute for her attachment work, has focused her practice towards the treatment of families, by counseling children, and by counseling parents on how to enhance their connection with their children, strengthen the family bonds and facilitate children and families maximizing their potential. 

Angela believes that most agencies treating autism are narrowly focused which oftentimes loses sight of the whole person in the context of which they exist. Angela believes that all people possess strengths and that it is our role to identify, honour them, and develop ways for each person’s gifts to be used at every moment.