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Who We Are

We welcome you to Integrated Life, a loving, non-judgmental place whose purpose is to facilitate yours and/or your loved ones’ healing by encouraging the development of increased wholeness of being, a sense of purpose and belonging, increasing your self-worth and willingness to give and receive love.


Integrated Life emerged from the marriage of two therapists with different and convergent specialties.  Peter Stathakos is recognized internationally as a psychotherapist, lecturer, consultant, academic, and TV expert. Angela Stathakos has been a resource nationally to school boards, autism community agencies speaker on attachment theory and international consultant.


Peter and Angela Stathakos’ combined expertise provides a valuable assortment of modes and vehicles to complement your journey. Individual, family, couple and group therapy sessions, as well as many assessment tools, are integrated into their approach to help find and restore healing, hope and joy in yours and/or your loved one’s life.


We affirm the innate goodness in each person, and believe you have multitude of strengths and gifts to offer yourself first, and then to those with whom you are in relationship with and finally, the world at large. It is our sincere hope that we can join you in integrating these realities in your life so that you may feel more fulfilled and complete.




Peter and Angela Stathakos